Repair & Restore in the Spring

'April Showers’ has never been more appropriate, with the dreary weather 2018 has shown us so far stretching on. There is hope however, with 20oc + weather arriving in the UK this week – and finally, we feel ready to celebrate Spring! And what could be better, than our Repair & Restore range from Green & Spring; created with heavenly herbs and potent plants, inspired by Victorian walled-gardens. With notes of bilberry, stimulating dandelion, purifying lemon myrtle and invigorating peppermint, it is the ultimate scent to awaken the senses after the Winter that has long out-stayed it’s welcome.

Spring Product Pick

From the Repair & Restore range, our product hero has to be the Intensive Body Cream. The top note of chamomile carries through lifting spirits and awaking the senses. Apply liberally after bathing, massaging into the skin in small circular motions. With olive derived squalene, you’ll notice a difference in skin elasticity, making it the perfect product to put in your routine now, ready for the summer.

Intensive Body Cream, Repair & Restore Range

Intensive Body Cream, Repair & Restore Range

Spring Treatment Pick: Repair & Restore Massage at C Side

The Repair & Restore massage was developed by renowned holistic guru, Michele Roques-O’Neill, and is our Spring treatment of choice. The highly skilled therapists at C-Side (Cowley Manor’s multi award winning spa) start by performing the ‘Welcome Ritual’ which sweeps away any unwanted energy and works on reflex zones in the feet to awaken the meridian lines in the body, as well as taking the famous three deep cleansing breaths, breathing in the fragrant R&R oil.

A simultaneous leg massage comes next and then the back is massaged, working on micro circulation and zen lines to stimulate chi and remove unwanted tension. The hands are focused on next, flexing the wrists to loosen the joints and working on the Lao Gong point.

The treatment finishes with a stimulating foot massage, working along the reflex zones and making your feet feel brand new. At the end of the treatment you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and reawakened, like a blossom ready to bloom.


From Becki

Senior Therapist at Cowley Manor