Organic Beauty: 3 Plants to Grow in your Botanical Garden


Organic Beauty: 3 Plants To Grow In Your Botanical Garden

The latest beauty products, from exfoliators to night creams, are rising to popularity with the power of botanical ingredients. According to a report by The Soil Association, the organic natural beauty market was worth £75.9 million in 2017. While organic beauty care might be the latest buzz in the skincare industry, using plants for beauty is nothing new. So, is the answer to your skincare woes hiding in your garden?

Calendula has been used as a healing poultice for centuries, while Cleopatra herself used black cumin seed oil for beauty maintenance. Whether we want to address the common skincare concerns like redness, aging, or pigmentation, botanical skincare can help us look our best. Check out these plants to achieve radiant skin and turn these garden wonders into your natural beauty solution.

Roses to heal wounds and anti-inflammation

The classic flower is one of the most popular botanical ingredients found in skincare. Rose-infused products such as the Green & Spring’s Rose Face & Body Balm will benefit a variety of skin types, especially for dry skin. Those with acne-prone skin can benefit from its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties to help reduce redness and promote healing. 

How to grow: Roses thrive in sunlight, so plant your rosebush in an area that gets at least six hours of direct sun. Be sure to plant them in rich soil and use mulch to prevent evaporation.

Rosemary as a natural antiseptic

As a staple item for any flavourful dish, Rosemary is also a favourite among foraged edible plants to find in the local woods. As a great addition to your skincare routine, rosemary contains antiseptic properties to disinfect your skin and reduce redness from acne breakouts. Be sure to massage this aromatic ingredient into your skin to reduce wrinkles and boost cell regeneration. You also can find rosemary in a variety of skincare products such as Green & Spring’s Revitalising Set in the form of hand wash, cream, shampoo, conditioner, bath oil, and more.

How to grow: Rosemary is found in plenty of gardens and flower bushes along parks and roadways. Make sure your seedling has plenty of sunlight, rich soil, and scheduled watering to thrive.

Combat wrinkles and sun damage with cucumbers

Fresh cucumbers are rich in antioxidants that help you fight the signs of aging and prevent sun damage. Green & Spring's Refreshing Eye Cream contains the cucumber’s most vital nutrients - cucumerin and cucurbitacins, which helps fight inflammation and reduce the effects of aging. In addition, they contain a rich amount of vitamins C and K to combat dark circles under the eyes.

How to grow: Cucumbers are easy to grow, even for beginners. All you need is to choose a sun-prone area to plant your cucumbers while you keep the soil moist. Cucumbers require scheduled watering and thrive in nutrient-rich fertilizer for the best quality results.  

With plenty of botanicals to inspire your next beauty care product, a touch of green will do more than bring a natural glow. They can fight redness and clear acne naturally with ease. Be sure to do your research and check for allergies to prevent any incidents while you make your own natural skincare routine.

Written by freelance writer, Jenny D


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